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When your self esteem is at zero

When your self esteem is at zero

2 month’s ago, I asked this really cute girl if she would be my girlfriend…she replied “Of course!” It still has not settled in, that she is mine. She is loyal, trustworthy, and the most adorable girl I have met. Her personality is sparkling with joy. I have fallen in love with her, and I am ecstatic for this. She has shown me what love is. I thank her for this. I love you Justice. Mmmuah!

When your girlfriend calls you the cutest of names. :)

Dad’s cancer has spread, 3 times in size, and moved into his bones. He has to go in for treatment again. I love you dad!

I love her. :)

I love her. :)

Love this. “Serious face!”
Jeez my girl is a cutie, and I couldn’t help but try to hide my smile.
Been driving around for 3 hours, exploring area’s I have never been in town. I am now completely lost, and love the feeling. Oh, and it is such a beautiful day.

"Lovebug" omg ❤️

"Go into the relationship with both eyes open, once you commit to her, keep one eye closed" Random relationship advice from a close friend who has been married for 25 years.

Just keep listening to this adorable voicemail from my love. Ah! :)

Fuck me. It shouldn’t even bother me.. But it does.