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Justice. Last thought on my mind each and every night.

9:00 am. Sunday, August 31st 2014.

My love came over late last night, she ended up falling asleep in my arms, and I woke up to her snuggling close this morning. I would not mind sleeping next to her every night. In, shock, to say the least.❤️

She fell asleep on the phone tonight… she just keeps amazing me more and more. I adore this woman. I love her. I just want to fucking scream it from a mountain top.

Spent all of today with my girlfriend. Honestly, a perfect day. I brought her to meet my dad, and then we got to babysit my little brother until he went to bed. Then we got to lay and talk with each other. Once my dad got back, we sat and talked and went through old pictures. Perfect. I can already see how much my dad adores her. I hope she feels better in the morning, I don’t want my love feeling sick.

Girlfriend is on her way over. I still get butterflies every time. :)

Mine, and mine. :)

Cuddled with my love today. Purrrfection. She even left a little mark on my neck. I felt so comfortable and relaxed just laying with her. Ah. :)


A Sea of 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

Must see.

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Took her out for a minute. :)

Met my girlfriends’ father today. AH! Talk about nervous.

I can only hope she provides me with simple comfort and love. It would help more than she could imagine. I really am simple to comfort.

Scared. But it will be okay.